Trine Natskaar is a norwegian graphic designer
and illustrator running her own studio based in
Copenhagen, Denmark.

Trine holds an MA in Visual Communication from
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
She has worked within the in-house design team
at porcelain producer Figgjo, and most recent as
graphic designer at Egmont publishing.

In 2015 she set up her own studio.
Her work spans from visual identities, magazines,
books, concept development and illustration.

f.1982 - Stavanger, Norway
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark

Trine Natskaar Studio 2015 -
Project based Graphic designer at ATWTP 2015
Art Director assistant at Eurowoman 2012-2015
Graphic designer at Figgjo 2008 - 2010
Founder of Mejdej 2007
MA Graduation from KADK  2007
Internship at Grandpeople 2005